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Our Story

My hubby, Joe introduced me to gold prospecting on our third date! We had gone on a hike down Piru creek in Southern California and he had brought along his panning stuff. Well, me being a rock buff, this totally interested me. He showed me how and where to dig my dirt, then how to pan it out. A few flakes of gold showed up in my pan and I was hooked!

Joe had been panning, and even done some dredging in the Motherlode area before we met. He will tell you he has been interested in prospecting since he was little guy and his family took a trip to Knotts Berry Farm and he got to pan for gold there! In the 1970’s when the price of gold went up, the bug hit him again. Unfortunately, due to the area he lived in, he wasn’t able to do much until the late 1970s-early1980 when he bought a dredge (gold prices hit $850 an ounce) and headed to the Motherlode. He scratched out a living for a couple years before coming back to So Cal where he met me.

We became friends with Ed Milota, a Whites dealer in Ventura around then, and he got us interested in detecting for coins. In the following years we helped Ed found the Gold Coast Treasure Hunters club based in Ventura. I was president for several years in the beginning then passed the gavel to another member.  That club is still going strong in the Ventura County area, you can find them on Facebook. Sadly our friend Ed passed away in 2002.

In 1987, Joe bought a Whites Eagle and we took it out to the Mojave Desert. First time out, within minutes of turning the detector on he got a target. It was a 3 oz nugget! Right next to it was a 1/3 oz and another smaller chunk. It looked like the 1/3 ouncer had broken off the big piece. Joe was featured in the next issue of the Whites detector catalog.

And, that was it. We were married in 1988 and we have been hunting coins, gold, and other rocks since then! Our mining and hunting adventures could fill a book, (like Joe’s trip to Australia for gold 2 weeks after we were wed!) and that’s why when our longtime friends Chip & Stacy Hess decided to retire and sell THE MINER’S CACHE, we felt it was a natural fit for us to take it over. Just adding another adventure to the book!


With the dredging restrictions in California, we continue to expand our own mining operations to the north and into the South Pacific. We have been working with individuals to get profitable mining programs developed in both the Alaska region and Bougainville (an island off of Papua New Guinea). Whether mining in the interior of Alaska, on an island or in the ocean, it is one of the last great frontiers! In the meantime we are quietly working with several individuals and organizations to bring sanity back to our mining roots in California.

THE MINER’S CACHE has been built on the sharing of information. We want to see clean, profitable mining programs flourish. Our goal is to assist you, whether just getting started or a seasoned professional, to find the information and equipment to make your adventure a memorable one. Our wish is that we will become a tool towards your success.

Please visit us often over the next several months as we expand this sight and, hopefully, make your mining experience an easier and more enjoyable one. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (530) 410-3122.

God Bless,
Cassie & Joe Zucco

“Whatever we do, do all to the glory of God.” 1Cor. 1031